Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Motorbike Diaries make good reading

I just discovered a set of entertaining blog posts from an American who is riding a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (a k a Saigon):

The Motorbike Diaries - Vol. 1 In the first episode, Sherry (a 30-something American woman who fled the corporate world and a life in New York City) describes what it's like to trust your life to a speed-crazed Vietnamese guy who shuttles you around Saigon on the back of his 125cc motorbike.

The Motorbike Diaries - Vol. 4 The story of the first day that Sherry rode solo in the city!

The Motorbike Diaries - Vol. 8
In which Sherry demonstrates she has become a real scooterist (in less than two months!).

The Motorbike Diaries - Vol. 9 Sherry shares photos of how Vietnamese scooterists use rain gear very cleverly while they are riding.

P.S. For my own first-hand view of scooter traffic in Saigon, see this video.

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